Britomart East Complex Green Walls

Name of case study

Britomart East Complex Green Walls


Takutai, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand




 Building/single site scale

Area / size

120 M²

NbS employed

Green / living walls (hydroponic)

Type of NbS

Hybrid living/engineered interventions; Created or constructed living ecosystem


Cooper & Company





Design group

Natural Habitats.

Briromart Green wall. Copyright owner: Natural Habitats Landscapes
Climate change benefits
  • Increased temperatures
  • Reduced air quality
Societal / socio-cultural benefits
  • Energy security 
  • Human physical health and wellbeing 
  • Pressures of urbanisation
Ecological benefits
  • Climate regulation 
  • Habitat Provision

Summary of case study

Aotearoa New Zealand were introduced to enhance air quality, acoustics, and thermal performance. They utilise hydroponically fed plantings, using harvested rainwater, and are designed for low light and to make maintenance easier. 

These vertical gardens feature a mix of native and exotic plants, including epiphytes, ferns, climbers, groundcovers, and flowering plants carefully selected to avoid staining surfaces.

The composition is influenced by Māori carving patterns, providing a sense of connection to nature and the occupants (Green Roofs, 2024). Their shallow depth of 120 m deep and lightweight construction allowed for easy installation and maintenance, with installed sensors ensuring optimal light conditions (Natural Habitats Landscape, 2024). Overall, these green walls have become an important architectural feature of the space, offering a moment of respite in the commercial setting and contributing to the Britomart complex’s unique interior aesthetic. They were awarded Silver in Garden Management at the Landscapes of Distinction Awards in 2020.

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Briromart Green wall panels. Copyright owner: Natural Habitats Landscapes

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