Energy security

Energy security in Te Moanaui Oceania is a critical concern because of the region’s reliance on imported fossil fuels and vulnerability to supply disruptions.  Reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation exposes the region to supply disruptions and price volatility exacerbated by extreme weather events and geopolitical factors. Additionally, reliance on fossil fuels contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. There is great variation in source of energy and access to electricity across the region. Many island nations have low levels of renewable energy generation capacity, though some are world leading in efforts to transition to 100% renewable energy sources like solar and wind. Samoa, Fiji, Tonga and the Solomon Islands have pledged to work towards this goal. Tokelau is already approaching 100% renewable electricity, while Ta’u in American Samoa and Apolima in Samoa have already reached this target. The following nature-based solutions may be useful to enhance energy security.