Nature-based Solutions to Address Climate Change Impacts

Click on a climate change impact to see which nature-based solutions might be useful in an Oceania context. Each NbS has an associated case study. You can search by Issues with land and people; Issues with water; Issues with biodiversity and ecosystems.

Issues with land and people

Loss of food production capacity

Indirect health, social, or cultural impacts

Increased incidence / distribution of disease

Increased temperature

Increased wildfire

Landslides / erosion

Loss of other ecosystem services

Wind and storm damage

Reduced air quality

Reduced soil quality

Urban heat island

Issues with water

Coastal erosion

Sea level rise



Freshwater flooding

Coastal inundation / storm surge

Reduced freshwater availability

Glacial retreat, snow cover change

Ocean acidification

Salt-water intrusion into aquifers

Issues with biodiversity and ecosystems

Changes in phenology

Increased pests/weeds

Loss of biomass cover

Findings and Themes