Respecting the sky (sun, moon, stars, and weather)

As expert navigators of the oceans via a profound understanding of celestial bodies, and dwellers on small dynamic island ecologies affected by tides, seasons, and the weather, many Oceanic people greatly respect the sky including the sun, moon, stars, and weather. Across Te Moananui Oceania, this understanding and connection is manifested in diverse cultural practices and beliefs including the development of complex luna calendars. Atua of this realm include Vatea (Cook Islands), Tagaloa (Samoa), Ta’aroa (Tahiti), Na Atibu and Na labu (Kiribati), Wākea and Hina (Hawai’i), and Ranginui, the sky father and Tāwhirimatea, one of his children and Atua of wind (Aotearoa New Zealand). Important characters such as Maui (across Polynesia) and Bue (Kiribati) are in stories about the relationship between the sun and people. These Atua of the skies embody deep navigational and resiliency wisdom and Indigenous knowledge of Te Moananui Oceania. The following nature-based solutions may be useful in an attempt to celebrate or respect the sky.