Nature-based solutions case studies by location

Case study locations vary from the north to the south of Te Moananui Oceania and from the east to the west, spanning hemispheres and covering a wide range of climates, bioregions, and island types, from Aotearoa’s temperature and alpine continental islands including glaciers and high peaked mountains to Kiribati’s atoll tropical climate and Hawai’i’s high volcanic islands. The case studies illustrate the importance of appropriate research methods, design frameworks, and design practices that forefront Indigenous values, knowledge, and wellbeing in the creation of NbS in Te Moananui Oceania. 

The Pacific Ocean spans about a third of the surface of the Earth, with a surface area of more than 155 million square kilometres. This makes it larger than the landmass of all the continents combined. Despite its actual size, the area of land in Te Moananui Oceania is only approximately 800 thousand square kilometres. Nine-tenths of this is in Papua New Guinea and Aotearoa New Zealand (Foster & West, 2024). 

More consciously considering local worldview and cultural values during (co)designing processes will make NbS more locally relevant, effective, and likely to have positive wellbeing outcomes for interconnected socio-ecological systems (Mihaere et al., 2024). Searching by location may enable designers and decision-makers to understand the kinds of NbS that are already being undertaken in a specific place. We have not sought to find every example of urban NbS in Te Moananui, just ones that illustrate the general NbS strategies. A small number of case studies from outside the region are included where none could be found in Te Moananui Oceania to illustrate the potential of the strategies for the region. Other databases and portals will illustrate other Te Moananui urban NbS case studies such as from the Kiwa Initiative. NbS case studies from other parts of the world can be found in ClimateScan and the Urban Nature Atlas. Other databases showcase rural NbS such as the NbS Initiative Case Study Platform

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